Average Negative

Graphic design for a new record label from Berlin. Integration and collaboration are key to the identity and output of Average Negative. By enlisting the talents of multiple artists for each release and by ensuring that each release is presented across different mediums, Average Negative seeks to influence the way music and visual art we release will be consumed. The visual and musical components of every release are intended to form one cohesive body of work, inseparable from one another thematically and aesthetically.

This is an ongoing project – expect more soon.


Process shots of different marks we tried.

Branded transparant vinyl (first release). The projects that Average Negative visual artists paint, draw, build or film are a physical representation of music - likewise, musicians compose images, colours and textures into passages of music. Average Negative will facilitate this connectedness in every single release across its catalogue, and all releases will be presented and promoted as collaborations.